Quick Kote 12 oz. Aerosol

Quick Kote 12 oz. Aerosol

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Quick Kote is designed to hide scuffs on plastic and vinyl and is an easy to use, fast drying, silicone coating in an aerosol can. The Car Brite Quick Kote has a melon scent

The aerosol application makes for nice, even layer of protection!

Car Brite Quick Kote is an aerosol coating that will effectively protect your interior and exterior plastic, rubber, and vinyl. The aerosol formula of Car Brite Quick Kote also aids in detailing hard to reach areas such as consoles and vents. The silicone base of Car Brite Quick Kote’s formula will ensure that the layer of protection it provides is durable enough to last. Car Brite Quick Kote will dry almost instantly, reducing the risk of dust settling on the surface before it can entirely dry, entrapping the dust in the coating. Car Brite Quick Kote will generate a deep gloss that will keep your rubber, plastic, and vinyl looking great while they are being protected. Car Brite Quick Kote will not leave a greasy finish behind the leaves your car’s surfaces unpleasant to the touch. Car Brite Quick Kote has a narrow cone of spray allowing you to apply this product more accurately and reduce the risk of overspray on other surfaces. Car Brite Quick Kote is formulated to increase safety for the user due to the lack of methylene chloride and hexane in the formulation.

Product Features:
• Ready to use
• Provides deep, warm gloss
• Dries quickly

There are many surfaces in the average car’s interior, each of which needs to be detailed and protected in a specific manner. The plastic, vinyl, and rubber may not be the most sensitive surfaces of your interior, but they are the most difficult to correct once they are damaged. Car Brite Quick Kote will allow you to hide the scuff that accumulate on these surfaces while protecting them and providing a pleasant gloss.


Exterior & Interior
1. Shake container well before and during use.
2. Spray thin mist directly on surface being treated, holding can 10 to 12 inches from surface.
3. Allow to dry, or wipe dry with clean towel.

1. Prior to applying product, thoroughly clean tire with a general-purpose cleaner and tire brush, then pressure rinse and wipe dry.
2. Shake container well before and during use.
3. Spray product on applicator pad.
4. Apply product to tire with pad.
5. Allow product to thoroughly dry before moving vehicle.

12 oz.