About Us

Majestic, LLC.

is proud to be the exclusive distributor of Car Brite and 3D products in New Mexico and can provide extensive training in the use and application of any of our products. Ask us how we can increase your bottom line with Car Brite and 3D products!

Our team is committed to leading the industry in product innovation & product offering while maintaining unparalleled service backed by the most experienced professionals in the industry.



Car Brite

is the industry’s leading manufacturer of professional automotive reconditioning products. Offering a comprehensive line of waxes, polishes, compounds, dressings, soaps, cleaners, solvents, paints and dyes, Car Brite meets the challenges of today’s advanced finishes, fabrics and surfaces.Car Brite is one of the oldest and most respected brands among professionals with the most extensive offering in the industry. Car Brite continuously introduces innovative products to meet the ever changing needs of the market. Look for more information at www.carbrite.com.



3D Products

3D Products an international manufacturer and premier provider of high quality car care products, has over two decades of research and development 3D car care products that has established a solid name in the car wash, detailing, and car care industry. 3D Products are made in the USA and is a global manufacturer of green car care products that  focus on professional quality products for detailing and body shops including compounds and polishes featuring their AAT Adaptive Abrasive Technology. 3D compounds and polishes utilize only the highest quality ingredients to deliver unmatched performance at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Look for more information at www.3dproducts.com.