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What is it? - Spray on liquid wax that contains a blend of Montan Wax with other synthetic waxes and polymers.

What does it do? - Seals the paint with a layer of long lasting, chemical resistant Montan Wax.

When do you use it? - After first washing and drying your car or as a drying-aid when drying your car after washing.

Why use 3D Express Wax over other options? - Like all 3D products, our standard for quality here at 3D is to dominate every category in the car detailing industry with the highest performing products. We never cut corners and always use the highest quality ingredients money can buy. Often times, we skip the middlemen altogether and manufacture all the ingredients from the originating raw materials at our manufacturing plant in Santa Clarita, California.

3D Express Wax is no exception. In the spray-on wax category our wax is the number one performing product when used on both washed and dried cars or as a drying aid after washing and rinsing. This product spread-out easily over smooth hard surface creating a thin layer of wax protect that dries quickly. After drying to a haze, wipe-off is effortless. You save time, money and energy while creating the gloss, shine and protection that looks like you spend all day detailing your car.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

  • Fast application – mist on, wipe off.
  • Creates a high gloss, deep wet shine.
  • Durable Montan Wax is chemical and scuff resistant.
  • Offers superior water proofing and water repellency.
  • Can be used in direct sunlight.
  • Won’t stain plastic trim.
  • Use as a drying-aid – wax your car as you dry after washing.
  • Hides minor and shallow swirls and scratches.
  • Green technology, Earth friendly, biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.

IMPORTANT: Always work on a cool clean surface in the shade. Always shake liquid waxes well before and during use.

Step 1: Spray a light mist of product to a section of a body panel.

Step 2: Using a clean, soft microfiber towel, spread the product over the surface to create at thin, uniform layer of product on the surface.

Step 3: Using a separate, clean, soft microfiber towel, remove any excess product and buff this section to a dry, high gloss shine. Repeat this process to the rest of the car. For best results, use plenty of clean, dry soft microfiber towels.