Microfiber & Laundry Detergent 5 Gallon

Microfiber & Laundry Detergent 5 Gallon

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Carbrite's Microfiber & Laundry Detergent is a machine soap specifically designed to tackle the unique tasks of cleaning towels used in an auto detailing environment. Unlike powdered soaps, this liquid detergent flushes completely from your fabrics and will not retain residue within the towel fibers. This will ultimately eliminate streaking on windows, paintwork or anywhere else a bare surface is desired and will also extend the towel life while maintaining its plushness. 100% safe and formulated to be used with all Micro Fiber, Cotton and even Foam & Wool.


Use only 3-6 ounces per averaged sized wash cycle. DO NOT OVER USE. Do not use fabric softener, bleach or high heat.

Microfiber Care Instructions

1) Only wash Microfibers with a microfiber detergent
2) Wash Microfibers with Microfibers only, do not add other rags or cloths made from different materials
3) Wash in warm or hot water
4) Dry on low to no heat
5) Do Not use any fabric softeners in the washer or dryer

Following these 5 important steps will keep your Microfibers looking new, soft and will last a long time. Normally 3-6 ounces of microfiber wash per load is all you need.