3D Ceramic Touch Up Coating

3D Ceramic Touch Up Coating

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Ceramic coatings are the real deal when it comes to true, long lasting paint protection with a high gloss finish that looks like your car was just painted. 3D Ceramic Touch is the fastest and easiest way to get real ceramic protection in an easy and fast spray-on application method anyone can do.

The normal ceramic coating process takes hours and when performed by a professional detailer will cost hundreds and even thousands of dollars. Now you can do it yourself and save tons of money. How much prep work or paint correction you do is up to you because 3D Ceramic Touch can be used on just about any hard, smooth surface as long as it’s clean.

Besides long-lasting protection, the nano-sized particles of silicone dioxide impart a super high gloss finish that looks glassy, like the kiln-fired glaze you see on pottery, and it’s incredibly durable too!

If you want the fastest, easiest way to get something you own protected with a ceramic coating then 3D Ceramic Touch is the best option. Quick, fast and easy with a true, layer of ceramic protection.

Most products advertised as spray-on ceramic coatings are not true ‘ceramic” products but made with less costly and lesser quality ingredients. 3D Ceramic Touch was formulated by the owner, founder and head chemist at 3D – Tunch Gorin – and when Tunch says this is the real deal – you can bank on it.

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? - True spray-on, wipe-off nano ceramic coating.

What does it do? - Forms a semi-permanent bond to hard, smooth, clean non-porous surfaces to provide long lasting, exceptional protection from the elements and anything that would attack the surface.

When do you use it? - After first washing and drying your vehicle, and if needed, claying the surface to remove any above surface bonded contaminants like overspray or industrial fallout. Once the surface clean and smooth you can then apply 3D Ceramic Touch, even over swirls and scratches. 

If you’re the kind of person that wants a more perfect looking finish, then after claying, perform any paint correction steps like machine compounding or machine polishing first with 3D ONE – followed by using 3D Wipe to prep the paint for the coating.

Why use 3D Ceramic Touch over other options? - This is a great question and I’m glad you asked it. The marketing side of the car care products business is for the most part completely un-regulated. Sure, products must have important safety precautions on the label in case of accidents but when it comes to the marketing claims or hype – anything goes. And how are you, the trusting consumer, supposed to know real products from fake products? That’s tough.

Here’s the good news, here at 3D we are MANUFACTURERS! WE MAKE ALL OUR PRODUCTS. And the owner, and also head chemist, Tunch Gorin is an honest man. He will not sell or advertise a product using deception. Others in the industry do this all the time, but not at 3D.

The product name is 3D Ceramic Touch – and this is a true or real ceramic-based product. It’s not some kind of amino functional silicone product advertised as “ceramic” – NO WAY. This is the real deal. 

The way you can test for your self is to spray or pour ANY products sold as a “ceramic” paint protection product onto a surface and then wait for 24 to 48 hours. Check to see if it dries to a SOLID residue that is dry and non-smeary to the touch. If it completely dries and hardens – it’s a true ceramic. If it doesn’t – it’s fake. 

Fake products can and will bead water really well and give the illusion of a ceramic coating – but they’re still fake, they are not the real-deal. Or worse, the chemist that is making the product and calling it a ceramic is not fully up to speed with their craft.

All 3D ceramic products, when applied to a surface will fully dry, cure and harden. This is how a non-chemist can test our products or any products sold as a “ceramic” protectants or sealers of some sort.

If you want an honest product that is what it claims to be – trust in the 3D brand name. We don’t make junk and we certainly don’t lie about what are products are or what they are made out of.

  • Advanced SiO2 Super Hydrophobic Ceramic Spray Coating.
  • Fast application - spray-on, wipe-off - Only 30 second flash time!
  • Professional grade protection – cars, trucks, suvs, rvs, motorcycles & boats.
  • Creates a slick, glassy, high shine super hydrophobic surface.
  • SiO2 super hydrophobic surface means self-cleaning effect anytime it rains. 
  • Normal washing and drying is faster, easier and safer too!
  • Easy to use ceramic coating – perfect for beginners and pros alike.
  • Cost a fraction of what a pro detailer would charge to install a ceramic coating.
  • Forms a semi-permanent bond to paint for up to 1-year protection.
  • 3D’s Green Earth Technology – Biodegradable, Prop 65 and V.O.C. compliant.

Instructions How to Use:

IMPORTANT: True ceramic coatings work best when the surface they are applied to is perfectly clean and smooth. To ensure the surface is completely free from any unwanted films, substances, oils, etc., pre-clean the surface with 3D WIPE. 3D WIPE is a panel wipe that is specifically formulated to clean the surface and remove anything that can hinder the bonding for any of 3D’s ceramic coating products including 3D Ceramic touch. Always work on a cool clean surface in the shade.

Step 1: Mist a few light sprays of 3D Ceramic Touch to a panel and then using a clean, soft microfiber towel folded 4-ways, immediately spread and even-out the coating over the entire panel to create a thin, uniform film on the surface. 

Step 2: After 30 seconds – re-wipe this treated panel using a separate, clean dry microfiber towel folded 4-ways. Carefully wipe the panel to a bright, crisp high gloss shine. Repeat this process working panel by panel to the rest of the vehicle.


Professional Technique Tip 1

If applying 3D Ceramic Touch to the entire vehicles, it’s a good best practice to start at the highest point and then work your way down. Normally this would mean start with the roof, then treat the horizontal panels like the hood and trunk lid followed by the vertical panels, fenders, doors, tail gates, hatchbacks, grill areas and bumpers.

Professional Technique Tip 2

For Step 1: Continue to use the same microfiber towel to apply the 3D Ceramic Touch as long as it’s visibly clean an un-contaminated. Once a folded side of the towel is dampened with the 3D Ceramic Touch coating, you’ll find it easier to treat future panels and the product will go further. 

If you continually switch to a clean, dry towel – the ‘dry” towel will absorb some of the coating. This wastes product and makes spreading the coating more difficult because at the same time you’re trying to spread-out the coating the dry portions of the microfiber towel are trying to absorb or remove the coating you’re trying to spread out.

For Step 2: When making the second wipe, use plenty of clean, dry soft microfiber towels for removing excess and evening out the final results. At this stage of the process a fresh, clean dry towel simply works better to remove any excess product.

Towel Tip

Wash, dry and hand-inspect your microfiber towels immediately after installing any coating with 3D Towel Kleen. If the towels feel soft and uncontaminated, store for future use. If the towels feel like they are hard or crunchy, delegate these towels to non-paint, utility work, like wiping tire sidewalls to remove excess tire dressing.

How Do You Use 3D Ceramic Touch?

3D Ceramic Touch does not remove any existing paint blemishes or imperfections but rather adds a top coat protection to your paint. Prior to applying 3D Ceramic Touch, we highly recommend a paint correction process be completed to remove any scratches or swirls, which can be accomplished with our 3D One Hybrid Compound & Polish. To apply, spray one area at a time and wait 30 seconds before wiping.

section 6-1


Wash Car with Pink Car Soap

section 6-2


Prep Surface by removing any paint blemishes or imperfections with 3D One

section 6-3


Clean any excess contaminants or dirt with 3D Wipe

section 6-4


Apply Ceramic Touch one area at a time, leave for 30 seconds then wipe.