MAGNA SHINE MicroVa Hybrid Drying Cloth Size 24" x 30"

MAGNA SHINE MicroVa Hybrid Drying Cloth Size 24" x 30"

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Premium Quality Microfiber PVA Hybrid Drying Cloth for Professional Results

Absorbs More Than Natural Chamois, Dries Perfectly

When you need a drying cloth for your car that will deliver exceptional results, the Hi-Tech Magna Shine MicroVA hybrid drying cloth is just what you need. It has the power to absorb up to 10x its weight, quickly drying your car leaving it sparkling with zero streaks. The fibers in our hybrid drying cloth also allow dirt to be absorbed into the cloth so you never have to worry about micro-scratching of paint surfaces. It is ideal for use on your car’s exterior and interior too but is also handy for just about any other function. You can use it to clean your motorbike, boat, motor home, or for other household tasks like cleaning your bathroom tiles, soaking up carpet spills, cleaning windows, and more.

Quality You Are Going To Love

Most synthetic drying cloths available in the market are made from PVA material. Ours is made from a blend of microfiber and PVA making it absorbent like PVA and easy to use as a towel. It is extra durable too, able to deliver years of service without losing any of its stellar performance. The drying cloth is chemical resistant, and will also resist the growth of mold and mildew. Our drying cloth for cars comes in 24” x 30” in a hang-up bag. It makes an excellent gift for friends and family who are real car enthusiasts.

Note: Thoroughly clean your drying cloth after use and store it in its storage tube or hang-up bag.

More reasons to love our drying cloth:

  • Excellent absorbency makes it ideal for a wide range of drying tasks
  • Absolutely lint- and scratch-free to leave your surfaces spotless
  • Convenient, easy to use, durable, and reusable for many years
  • Makes an excellent gift for car owners

Get this hybrid drying towel and give your car professional-grade drying. We know you’ll love it!