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How to Replace the CT-200 Cleaning Gun Replacement Kit

Cone Replacement

  1. Clean the threads on the Tornador Cleaning Tool
  2. Replace the washer
  3. Do not use thread tape
  4. Rotate cone onto the gun until snug but do not over-tighten

Weighted Tube Replacement

  1. Remove the old tube assembly using a 10 mm boxed end wrench
  2. Clean the threads of loose debris before installing the new tube
  3. Use caution when placing the weighted tube over the liquid inner tube. Do not bend or crimp.
  4. Tighten the weighted tube assembly
  5. Install the washer and the cone


Prolong the Life and Performance of Your Tornador Classic Z-010 Car Cleaning Gun

Maintenance Tips

  1. Longer Wear:do not exceed air pressure about 90 psi
  2. Pre-vacuum:remove large amounts of dirt and debris first
  3. Avoid droppingthe Car Cleaning Tool
  4. Disconnectwhen not being used
  5. Avoid Dripping From the Tip:Turn the liquid valve to the horizontal position after use
  6. Avoid Stripping the Threads:tighten the gun assembly by the jar and lid to avoid stripping of the threads
  7. Keep the Tornador Cone Clean:frequently remove the cone and rinse the dirt out


Fast and Easy Cleaning Tip for the Cone and Weighted Tube

In a bucket of soapy water place the cone 2-3 inches into the bucket. Trigger once or twice. The tip will be clean.


Safety Tips

  1. Work in well ventilated areas, do not use in closed environment
  2. Use appropriate eye and face protection


Trouble Shooting Tips

Tip will not oscillate  
Check for low air pressure.

Tip moves slowly 
Check for dirt build up around weighted tube

Tip drips fluid 
Keep liquid valve horizontal when not in use

Tool will not deliver liquid 
Check pickup tube in jar for debris and rinse.

Tool delivers air and no liquid 
Restricted tube, place in bucket of soapy water


This Kit is for the Tornador Classic Z-010 and Not compatible with the Tornador Black Z-020